Calendar front cover

Introducing the Third Edition of the French Republican Wall Calendar

“The vulgar era is abolished for civil usage.”

In 1793 French revolutionaries rejected the Gregorian calendar and introduced a new calendar in which weeks had 10 days, months were named for the weather and every day of the year was designated in honor of a plant, tool or animal. Highlights included days named for Celery, Goose, Hammer, Radish and Carp. Known as the calendrier républicain, citizens were instructed in no uncertain terms to abide by it. Of course, enforcing use of the calendar was even harder than using the calendar, so neither really happened.

Comedy writer Ursula Lawrence has published a wall calendar version of the French Republican Calendar despite the fact that it was never meant for this purpose.

You can learn more about this ridiculous yet charming social experiment here. Or, if reading is too hard, you can watch Ursula explain it to a room full of drunk people here.

  1. Features all twelve Revolu­tionary Months (and the Sans­culottides Holidays)
  2. Compatible with Revolu­tionary years 232–235 (Gre­gorian years 2024–2028)
  3. Includes an all-new introductory essay
  4. Handsomely printed, durably saddle-stitched, and lovingly shipped from Madison, Wisconsin